Hiking In The Golden State

The green rolling hills of Northern California’s Pacific Coast have given rise to a bevy of hiking opportunities. Some areas are more remote than others but either way, hiking is an affordable and fun activity to do with your friends or family. If you love to hike, you will find many hiking trails throughout California, including trails through national parks, forests and even urban areas! Let’s start with some easy hiking tips and details about the California hiking trail system.

When hiking along Marin’s coastal greenbelt trails, lookout out for this enchanting but tiny but spectacular perennial. Beautiful bright red and yellow flowers hang from thick branches in spring and then twirl gracefully down the hillside in autumn. Being highly adaptable to both dry or wet conditions, the california native is commonly found throughout the West Coast, being native to the oak woodlands and coastal scrub.

In the San Pablo bay area, a two-mile trail called the Wildflower Trail makes for a wonderful afternoon hike. With its gradual gradients and forested terrain, the trail offers breathtaking views of the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. It includes beautiful wildflowers as well as California poppy and black poppy plants. Hike this challenging trail the full day to enjoy the scenic views along the way. Back at the end of the hike, be sure to visit the charming Lassen Park with its amazing shoreline views and playgrounds.

If you are a hiker who wants more adventure, California hiking locations near Yosemite National Park offer some of the best opportunities. A very popular hiking trail starts in the park’s central valley, known as the Yosemite Cut. The trail leads hikers into the valley floor where spectacular wildflowers bloom year round. There is also the option of visiting the Half Dunes Wilderness, which is a more strenuous hiking route. Hikers can expect to encounter moose, deer, and bears on this route. Hiking this route also gives you an opportunity to view beautiful waterfalls and Sequoia trees.

Another nearby state park offers hiking opportunities as well, with the City of Los Angeles’ Grand Canyon Walk. The walking tour allows you to enter the upper portion of the canyon. This tour also gives you the chance to view beautiful California flowering lilies as well as many other species of flora and fauna. There is plenty to do in and around the Grand Canyon Walk, including visiting the National Museum of Natural History and several nearby world class museums.

Southern California has many regions that can provide outdoor enthusiasts with a variety of outdoor activities in the early spring and early fall. Visitors to San Diego can take advantage of the beaches and naturalist organizations on local campuses to learn more about native plants and wildlife. Other popular activities during these months include fishing, boating, swimming, golfing, and sightseeing.

The beautiful California forests and hills of the northern part of the state offer some of the most stunning wildflower shows in the country. The Lassen National Forest is home to many flowers, while the San Fernando Valley hosts annual flower shows for locals and tourists alike. The Lassen National Forest is one of California’s most popular preserves. It offers hiking, camping, and canoeing in its beautiful woods. The San Fernando Valley also offers many outdoor activities, such as wine tasting, winery tours, and hiking trails. The rolling hills of the area provide scenic hiking for those who want a break from the city.

California has so much to offer outdoors enthusiasts of all ages. There are a wide range of trails suitable for all skill levels and physical conditions. Hiking is an affordable way to explore America’s outdoor treasures, while still having fun and meeting new people. Many hiking clubs have meetings and organize trail trips, so get out your hiking gear and start hiking today!